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  • 表演 — biǎoyǎn (1) [perform]∶在戏剧、 舞蹈、 杂技等演出中, 把其中的各个细节或人物特性表现出来 表演舞蹈 (2) [act]∶演员演出 [剧本] 或扮演[角色] 表演小丑这个角色 (3) [performance; exhibition]∶做示范 烹饪表演 …   Advanced Chinese dictionary

  • 表演艺术 — biǎoyǎn yìshù (1) [performing art]∶指电影、 音乐、 杂技、 戏剧等须经过表演完成的艺术 (2) [performing skill]∶指电影、 戏剧表演者在导演指导下创造人物形象的艺术 …   Advanced Chinese dictionary

  • Beijing Film Academy — Infobox University name =Beijing Film Academy motto = established =1950 type =Film school, state chancellor = Professor Zhang Hui Jun vice chancellor = city =Haidian District, Beijing state = country =China students = staff = campus =Urban… …   Wikipedia

  • Kunst des Teewasser-Einschenkens aus der Kanne mit langem Röhrenausguss — Aus zwei Kannen mit langem Röhrenausguss wird gleichzeitig Teewasser eingeschenkt, hier in Chengdu …   Deutsch Wikipedia

  • Lai Shengchuan — (a.k.a.Stan Lai) b. 1954, Washington, DC Theatre and film director, playwright Lai grew up in the USA and in Taiwan. After earning a PhD in Theatre Arts from the University of California at Berkeley in 1983, he returned to Taiwan, where he… …   Encyclopedia of Contemporary Chinese Culture

  • Pan Shiji — or Chew Shyh Ji (born 29 July 1957) is a Taiwanese composer, writer and music educator. Contents 1 Biography 2 Works 3 Writings 4 References …   Wikipedia

  • China Film Performance Art Academy — Chinese Film Performance Art Academy Founded 1985 Members 100,000 Country  China Chinese Film Performance Art Academy (simplified Chinese …   Wikipedia

  • 即兴表演 — jíxìng biǎoyǎn [improvisation] 在音乐上指即席创作或自由演奏的一段音乐 …   Advanced Chinese dictionary

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